Thursday, 29 April 2010

Maintenance Work Over The Weekend

A reminder that buses replace trains between Romford and Liverpool Street over all three days of the holiday weekend, and as such journey times will be significantly longer.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

"Service Worse Than 40 Years Ago"

In a letter to the Department for Transport, Wivenhoe Town Council has claimed that the service provided between Colchester Town and Clacton is worse than in the sixties. It claims that lack of staff, fewer ticket machines and an increase in fares have left the service at a worse level than 40 years ago.

The letter adds "In contrast to virtually all other lines in East Anglia, many of which have seen a doubling or more of their service level in recent years, the Colchester Town to Clacton service remains at a worse level than in the sixties.

"The line has suffered from a spiral of neglect since then, with several unkempt stations, abnormally high fares discouraging use, a very high percentage of ticketless travel reducing revenue and a generally negative ambience".

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

NXEA Performance Down Slightly

In figures released today by Network Rail 91.5% of National Express East Anglia services arrived at their final destination on time in the period 7th March to 31st March 2010. This is down from 92% for the same period last year. The national average was 93.5% (92.7% last year)

The definition of 'on time' is within 5 minutes for inner and outer suburban services and within 10 minutes for Inter City services.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Rail Strike Off

Network Rail has been granted a court injunction against the proposed strike action by the RMT union.

Whilst the decision to call off the strike is obviously welcomed, once again thousands of passengers have been inconvenienced into making alternate arrangements by a RMT threat of strike action.

Service Details In The Event Of Strike Going Ahead

Details of National Express East Anglia services that may run in the event of a strike next week can be found by clicking here.