Thursday, 22 April 2010

"Service Worse Than 40 Years Ago"

In a letter to the Department for Transport, Wivenhoe Town Council has claimed that the service provided between Colchester Town and Clacton is worse than in the sixties. It claims that lack of staff, fewer ticket machines and an increase in fares have left the service at a worse level than 40 years ago.

The letter adds "In contrast to virtually all other lines in East Anglia, many of which have seen a doubling or more of their service level in recent years, the Colchester Town to Clacton service remains at a worse level than in the sixties.

"The line has suffered from a spiral of neglect since then, with several unkempt stations, abnormally high fares discouraging use, a very high percentage of ticketless travel reducing revenue and a generally negative ambience".

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