Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Cable Thefts

Cable theft coming an increasing problem for Network Rail and train operators across the UK. Incidents of cable theft cause huge disruption and inconvenience.  In addition, they can result in a significant loss of productivity, with thousands of people late for work and meetings. So it is not just passengers and the rail industry that are disadvantaged – businesses and the economy suffer too.  Train operators including NXEA, and Network Rail are working together and in coordination with the British Transport Police to try and both prevent such problems and mitigate their effects.

Furthermore, all players in the rail industry are collaborating to try and secure a change to legislation to increase the penalties on criminals found guilty of stealing the cables and make it more difficult for scrap metal merchants to trade in stolen metal.  Measures being called for include:

        a new licensing scheme with rigorous requirements relating to identification and quarantine of metals received;
        restrictions to cash transactions;
        significant penalties for non compliance with direct links to proceeds of crime legislation; and
        powers for the police to close premises that breach conditions and seize assets.
  The ERUF supports this initiative and will be campaigning for the law to be changed.

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