Friday, 16 December 2011

ERUF Attends Rail Summit

Members of ERUF attended the much publicised Rail Summit at Portcullis House yesterday.  The summit was arranged by East Anglian MPs to emphasise the need the major improvements to rail services in the region.

Network Rail came in for much criticism and indeed the start of the meeting was delayed due to attendees being held up by timely signalling problems at Stratford.  Network Rail admitted that it is disappointed with its own performance and failure to properly maintain the infrastructure in the region.  However they stated that the London - Norwich line had received relatively little new funding compared to other lines in the country.

It was agreed by all that investment in the Essex infrastructure would be of benefit to all along the Norwich line.  It was also agreed that the train fleet had to be radically overhauled and / or replaced.

Mark Leslie (ERUF Secretary) Priti Patel (MP for Witham) and Derek Monnery (ERUF Chairman)

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